Abstract Brian Katz 10th October 2013

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Explorations by the visually impaired of real and virtual rooms

Virtual acoustic simulations of two interior architectural environments were presented to visually impaired individuals. Interpretations of the presented acoustic information, through block map reconstructions, were compared to reconstructions following in-situ exploration as well as playback of binaural and Ambisonic walkthrough recordings of the same spaces. Results show that dynamic exploration of virtual acoustic room simulations outperforms passive recording playback situations, despite dynamic rotation cues offered by Ambisonic playback. Simulations used off-line HOA RIR synthesis and a hybrid rendering combining pre-convolved signals and real-time convolutions for sounds related to user displacement and selfgenerated noise. In addition to giving the paper, Brian will talk more generally about the work of his lab.

About Brian

Professor Brian Katz[1] leads the Sound and Space research group at LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France. The group was started in 2004 to bring together various new research interests at LIMSI in the field of Acoustics. These research interests focused initially on Spatial Hearing and Room Acoustics. Since that time, the research topics have grown and developed according to the interests of researchers and students in the PS group. Major project areas of the group include Spatial Hearing, Room Acoustics[2], Audio Interfaces and Virtual Reality[3]

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