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Integrating haptic and vestibular modalities for efficient human-robot interaction

Ildar Farkhatdinov, Queen Mary University London

In this introductory talk I will present my research on human-robot interaction using haptics, vestibular and visual modalities. First, I will talk about telerobotics applications in which a human-operator controls robots in remote environment with applications to mobile and surgical robotics. Then, I will briefly describe my experiments in visuo-haptic interfaces for inducing vestibular illusions. This will be followed by description of the experiments in human balance augmentation with the help of wearable robotics. Lastly, I will present the development and evaluation of haptic interfaces for rehabilitation and assistive applications.

About Ildar: Before joining EECS as a Lecturer, I was a research associate in Human robotics group at Imperial College London where I worked on development of robotic systems for rehabilitation and assistive technologies. I got my PhD from University of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, France, where I studied vestibular system and its mechatronic implementation for humanoid robots. Before PhD I was working in South Korea as a graduate researcher in the field of haptics and telerobotics. My first degree is BSc in Automation and Control Engineering from Moscow State University of Technology.

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