Abstract Katrin Haensel 8 Nov 2017

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Does your smartwatch miss a (heart) beat? - Investigation of wearables for affective research

Modern fitness trackers provide easy means to acquire physiological sensing data of users (e.g. as heart rate) throughout the day. This data has huge potential to be used in novel applications or research contexts; however, their suitability is not well understood. In this talk, I will discuss our results on the data quality of 3 fitness wearables under different physical activity and stressful conditions. The findings indicate, that performance of the devices varies amongst different conditions and is mostly influenced by movement. Still, we believe there are applications where this tradeoff is outweighed by the benefits of those small devices; hence, I will further present and discuss our suggestions on the suitability of different wearable technologies in research scenarios depending on the requirements and nature of the studies. The last part of the talk will focus on my future research directions on applying these findings in the wild by investigating how we can use data from smartwatches to predict how people feel.