Abstract Kleomenis Katevas 3 November 2014

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Robot Stand-up: Experimenting with the Art of Comic Delivery

Performers deploy techniques to engage audiences and elicit response. Robots provide a unique opportunity to test these techniques experimentally. In this work we present a software framework to emulate in humanoid robots techniques we have previously observed in stand-up comedy performances. We tailor the robot’s delivery of pre-scripted content based on metrics of audience response. Deployed using SHORE computer vision software to gather audience response and life-size humanoid robot RoboThespian, we evaluated the software in live stand-up comedy performances in Oxford and London. The results show that a robot can successfully perform in comedy shows, eliciting laughter and applause from the audience. This work provides a platform for further understanding of social signals between humans and robots, and simply: robot nurses, bartenders and companions will be more successful if they master the art of telling jokes!

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