Abstract Matt Purver 2 May 2013

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Tweeting Around Duchamp

The Barbican has a large and diverse audience, as befits their large and diverse arts offering. But their research so far suggests that the individuals who make up that audience tend not to be particularly diverse themselves: they're likely to engage with one sort of event (photography, music, art, cinema etc) but not with those in other areas. They'd like to change this. We're taking advantage of their ongoing festival, "Dancing Around Duchamp", to monitor what people are saying about them on social media. By analysing people's talk, we can try to establish their areas of interest, see whether they're really as compartmentalised as we think, and find people who might be more likely to cross cultural boundaries. I'll describe the methods we're using to discover topics of interest, and characterise and group people, and look at whether these can actually help.

Note: Matt will be looking for a part-time RA (20hrs/week so OK for a PhD student) for this project soon. Step 1 of the application process is to come to the talk :)

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