Abstract Rosella Galindo Esparza June18 2018

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Augmented Embodiment: Developing Interactive Technology for Stroke Survivors

A variety of contemporary approaches to stroke rehabilitation use motion capture technology. Serious games and mixed reality environments support physical therapy and speech therapy. However, stroke survivors also need to adjust to their changed physical, cognitive and emotional possibilities. Peer and social support can be critical to this, proposing opportunities to share their concerns and experiences. Motion capture has been relatively unexplored in this context.

In this presentation, I will introduce an interactive scenography designed to enhance the use of embodied imagination in a stroke survivors' performance workshop called The Green Screening workshop, conceived by the company Split Britches. We explore performance techniques combined with live motion capture to provide participants with an abstract visual world that helps them to enact fantasy scenes they create in front of an audience. A simple interface provides real-time visualisations of participant's body movements in three different scenarios and promotes engagement with the co-present audience.

The system was evaluated in two workshops with stroke survivors. The results indicate that the system is effective in encouraging participants' creative use of embodied improvisation. The shared experience of performing was cited as a critical part of the process.