Abstract SUNSET project group 1st November 2012

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The vision of a smart city is one that is well-managed, works to create an optimal urban environment for citizens, visitors, and industries and includes an efficient and easy-to-use transportation system.

It requires a city:

  • to be focused on its citizens, looking to address their needs by providing information and access to city services in a convenient and easy-to-use manner. This gives the city a means to share important information and obtain input from their citizens in a timely manner;
  • to be a hive of digital innovation that focuses on using strategic investments in connectivity and communications;
  • to have free flowing traffic that identifies and manages congestion actively, which in turn makes various forms of public transport cost effective and efficient, and which implements concrete measures toward sustainability.

In this talk, the following specific R&D issues will be discussed and interlinked:

  • how we can sense and profile the mobility of individuals and groups of people;
  • how we can inform citizens in richer ways about their mobility;
  • how we can incentivise people to change their mobility behaviour;
  • how we can leverage social networking;
  • how we can operate a city Living Lab, which promotes and validates the smart mobility concept.

Some solutions will be presented, based upon our participation in the EU SUNSET project[1] [2] and the work of research assistants, past and present.

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