Abstract Tamara Russell 5th June 2014

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As the evidence base for mindfulness based interventions (MBIs) grows, there is considerable interest in what the "next wave" of MBIs might look like. In this talk, the rationale, development and initial implementation of a mindful movement-based intervention, Body in Mind Training, is described. Body in Mind Training (BMT) is a mindfulness training approach informed by neuroscience data and using embodied learning that can be used for both individuals and groups in the clinical setting. It provides an alternative methodology for working mindfully with clients who might struggle, for whatever reason, to engage with the currently available MBI protocols. The BMT Framework provides a guide to therapists and health care workers who wish to implement mindfulness in their personal and professional lives and from this, support clients in their exploration of mindfulness.

The intention of this talk is to share, in Part I, the underlying theoretical concepts and research underpinning this predominantly body and movement based mindfulness training method. Part II details how the BMT Framework and BMT Group protocol evolved from trainings and consultations with staff working in a variety of sectors.

It is hoped that this talk will inspire others to consider how to integrate mindful movement into their work and stimulate research and debate in this different route to mindfulness. Working from neurological principles this approach has transdiagnostic appeal. If the principles of mindfulness and neuroscience knowledge are combined, the BMT Framework can be used in any setting.

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