Abstract Vivek Warriar 1 July 2020

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Title: Player Experience in Augmented Reality Mobile ExerGames


I will present the results from the latest study of my PhD in Player Experience (PX) and Augmented Reality (AR) mobile games for health. Recently mobile AR has shown the potential of creating exergames that promote physical activity. However, the relationship between commonly used AR exergame parameters and PX is little understood. The study uses a game called 'Running Chickens', a mobile AR exergame that has been designed and developed to investigate player experience in these environments. The talk will showcase the game, present results of the user study where the impact of 3 game parameters on PX is investigated. Finally, data collected is used to train supervised models that predict PX based on game parameters and player behaviour. This study shows that some commonly used game parameters can be tuned to create engaging exergame experiences. Using supervised learning models can be used along with the empirical findings from this research to create highly personalised AR exergames that can automatically adapt parameters based on PX.