Abstract YongMeng Wu june19 2017

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Supporting Non-Musicians’ Creative Engagement with Musical Interfaces and: Designing a Cross-Cultural Interactive Music Box through Meaning Construction

I will present two papers, one published in Creativity & Cognition 2017, another one in HCII 2017. The first paper is directly related to my PhD research on creative engagement. The study sets out to examine the process of creative engagement of individual non-musician when interacting with musical interfaces, and to identify features of musical interfaces that can support non-musician’s creative engagement in music making. I will report the study and the results. The second paper is about the summer camp project in Hunan, China, 2016. In the paper I proposed a design model for designing culturally identifiable and cross-culturally acceptable products to culturally heterogeneous consumers. It focused on the design process and the reflection for designing a cross-cultural interactive music box.