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The Cognitive Science Seminar Series (formerly the IMC Reading Group) takes place every Wednesday during term time, 2.30-3.30pm in the Bancroft Teaching Room 4.01 for the Winter Term. In Spring Term, we meet Mondays 2-3pm in the ITL seminar room (ITL top floor).

Come to share something interesting, test a conference presentation, get feedback on a grant proposal, try out an new idea or propose a paper that would be of interest to the group. If you are interested in booking a slot to present, please contact Sophie Skach email: [1]. You will need to provide a short abstract, and any relevant attachments, by the end of Tuesday the week before you present. These will be circulated to the Cognitive Science Seminar Series mailing list each week, and listed here. To see whether you will automatically get these e-mails as part of the Cognitive Science Research Group or to sign up to our mailing list, please visit this page. They will also be added to the online CogSci Meetings calendar, which you can access via Google calendar or iCal etc.

Remember that it is only fun presenting if there is an audience. Please do get involved in coming along and giving feedback to the presenters, especially if you have some overlap in your areas of interest.


Date Speaker Title
11 October 2017 Opening session with Patrick Healey upcoming event for the academic year
18 October 2017 Feng Feng An Investigation of Dynamic Crossmodal Instantiation in TUIs
25 October 2017 Harry Witchel Some thoughts (and emotions) on what the thigh and other bodily fidgets tell us about affect, engagement and boredom
1 November 2017 Peter Harrison Representing Harmony in Statistical Theories of Western Tonal Music
8 November 2017 Katrin Hänsel Does your smartwatch miss a (heart) beat? - Investigation of wearables for affective research
15 November 2017 No seminar this week due to "MAT PhD Away Day"
22 November 2017 Ruth Kempson Language as a Tool for Interaction: An Evolutionary Tale
29 November 2017 Zico Pratama Putra Investigation of Trend Identification on Mobile Audio Graph
6 December 2017 Panel Discussion on TOUCH List of Speakers
13 December 2017 no seminar - EECS Christmas Party
5 January 2018 Gabriele Trovato Facilitating interaction with robots through emotions, design, culture and religion
10 January 2018 Tom Gurion Exploring listeners non-verbal cues in multiparty social interactions using virtual reality
15 January 2018 no seminar ----
22 January 2018 Julian Hough Deep Learning Approaches to Incremental Disfluency Detection
29 January 2018 Glyn Morrill Preview of Morrill and Valentín (in prep.) _Categorial Linguistics_
5 February 2018 Silviu Paun Comparing Bayesian Models of Annotation
12 February 2018 visit to exhibition
19 February 2018 Melissa Bliss. -- postponed ---
26 February 2018 Emilie Giles Weaving Lighthouses and Stitching Stories: Blind and Visually Impaired People Designing E-textiles
5 March 2018 Melissa Bliss TBD
12 March 2018 Tom Deacon data annotation session 1
19 March 2018 available
26 March 2018 Shalom Lappin TBD
2 April 2018 Easter Monday - no seminar! ----
9 April 2018 available
16 April 2018 Tom Deacon & Sophie Skach data annotation session 2
23 April 2018 Pip Thornton (tbc)
30 April 2018 Vanessa Pope TBD
7 May 2018 available
14 May 2018 available
21 May 2018 available
28 May 2018 available
4 June 2018 available
11 June 2018 available
18 June 2018 available
25 June 2018 available

Past Cognitive Science Seminars

Here is the full list of abstracts for Previous Cognitive Science Seminars. We have had topics as diverse as learning to play the bagpipes, interaction between musicians, a discussion on Grice, a trip to Tate Modern, audiences and interaction, incomplete contributions in dialogue and a robotic kitten. Here are some examples:

Past years