Cognitive Science Seminar Series

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Join us for the Cognitive Science Seminar Series:

  • 🗓 every Wednesday 12-1pm
  • 💻 on zoom -- we circulate the link in advance through the mailing list.


Want to take part?

  • 🗣 give a talk yourself! to book a slot, please contact Arkaitz Zubiaga: [1]
  • Come to share ongoing work, test a conference presentation, get feedback on a grant proposal, try out a new idea or propose a paper that would be of interest to the group.
  • 📩 You will need to provide a title and a short abstract, and optionally a short bio.
  • ‼️ it is only fun presenting if there is an audience. Please do get involved in coming along and giving feedback to the presenters, especially if you have some overlap in your areas of interest.


Previous seminars

🔙 See Previous Cognitive Science Seminars

Seminars 2020-21


Date Speaker Title
7 October 2020 Bertie Vidgen (Turing Institute) Online hate detection and the problem of datasets: the promise of adversarial machine learning
21 October 2020 Jorge del Bosque Investigating the Semantic Wave in Tutorial Dialogues: An Annotation Scheme and Corpus Study on Analogy Components
28 October 2020 Rob Procter (University of Warwick) Accounts, Accountability and Agency for Explainable AI
4 November 2020 Ravi Shekhar Cross-lingual User Generated Comment Filtering and Understanding
11 November 2020 Carol Scarton (University of Sheffield) Revisiting and re-evaluating rumour stance classification
18 November 2020 Oliver Chen (University of Oxford) Brain Mediation Analysis: Some Personal Perspectives
25 November 2020 Sharid Loáiciga (University of Potsdam) Understanding coreference: the relationship between nominal and non-nominal anaphora
2 December 2020 Miriam Fernandez (Open University) TBD
9 December 2020 Sean Roberts (Cardiff University) TBD
16 December 2020 Edwin Simpson (University of Bristol) TBD


Date Speaker Title
13 January 2021 Marieke Woensdregt (Radboud University) TBD
20 January 2021 Petra Schumacher (University of Cologne) Prediction and updating during referential processing
27 January 2021 Ahmet Aker (University of Duisburg-Essen) Information Nutrition Labels for the WEB
3 February 2021 TBD TBD
10 February 2021 TBD TBD
17 February 2021 Marine Delaborde (CNRS Montrouge) TBD
24 February 2021 TBD TBD
3 March 2021 TBD TBD
10 March 2021 TBD TBD
17 March 2021 TBD TBD
24 March 2021 TBD TBD
31 March 2021 TBD TBD


Date Speaker Title
14 April 2021 TBD TBD
21 April 2021 TBD TBD
28 April 2021 TBD TBD
5 May 2021 TBD TBD
12 May 2021 TBD TBD
19 May 2021 TBD TBD
26 May 2021 TBD TBD
2 June 2021 TBD TBD
9 June 2021 TBD TBD
16 June 2021 TBD TBD
23 June 2021 TBD TBD
30 June 2021 TBD TBD