Machine Consciousness and Creativity

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2029 eh.

"You can build a robot that dances and eats biscuits, but it'll never have a soul..."

Graham is leaning back in that way that suggests he's already getting angry... phenomenology attack imminent.

But surely if you can think about you're looking at the table, you can also think about your thinking about your looking at the table etc etc - infinite regress? (FOL)

Propositional though (situation calculus). Okay. Superquadrics. Now you've lost me. Oh, semantic networks for the linguisticcy bit got a noise from Graham.

How do you choose how to decompose something (hammer is easy, right, it's a handle and a head... other stuff not so)

Linguistic expectations (I think I know a bit about them now, but that's not what he means)

That robot (cicerobot) is scary.

So is the robotanic one.

Telenoid is a mutant - embodied skype (with a flid robot) Creepy. Therapy with siblings of autistic kids. Hmmm.

Geminoid F. She is really creepy. Puts me in mind of that film on sex dolls. Uncanny valley issues there.