Meeting Fri 21st May 2015

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Telephone meeting 21.05.2015

· Final version of the agreement happening - account and budget code soon

· Penny to email date and expenses

· Transcription software CMUSPINX – there are issues – Niall working on software to capturing different voices – to work on one and generalise to other

· In about two weeks time to revisit transcription (both transcribers and software)

· Backups at QMUL and originals at Exeter

· Stanford tool – Matt to look into that

· Matt to find out more about Dementia software (in his meeting with today)– in terms of interaction

· To do project timetable

o 4 months to spend the budget

o Matt to do draft plan of plan to send to Rose

· Penny and Niall to continue working on lit review

     o   All to circulate any relevant papers they come across 

Next meeting: Thurs 28th 10am telephone meeting - Niall Matt and Rose.