Meeting Fri 5th May 2015

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Meeting 15th May 2015

Literature review

  • Penny to complete review (more systematically), add to WIKI, with focus on
    • interactional features
    • mild to moderate (although might not be able to always identify)
    • separate the patient- Other speech features
    • how they operationalise/define features
  • Niall to look at computational studies

Data storage

  • Matt and Niall will raise a ticket for increased space (preferably around 1½ TB)
  • Videos to transfer to QMUL: All (dementia-MCI- no cognitive impairment)

Wiki for the project

Transcription software

  • Stanford tool – Matt to look into that
  • Niall to adapt the software for our data


  • Matt to compile classifiers that we already have on WIKI

Next meeting:

  • Telephone call Thurs 21st at 9am