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In absence of reliable repair annotations, or in any certainty that the repair categories we're using at the moment are really the useful ones, can we:

  • predict adherence numbers directly
  • predict dialogue type directly (where this is based on number of NTRIs)

Svennevig 2008 paper re open-class repair initiators being ostensibly addressing hearing problems. Maybe this one?

Svennevig, Jan 2008. Trying the easiest solution first in other-initiated repair. Journal of Pragmatics 40 (2), 333-348.

NTRI environments seem to have in common:

  • contexts of misalignment
  • Dr's prior turn/question is "unexpected"
    • referentially/topically
      • (can topic models/shifts help predict NTRIs?)
    • inappropriate question
    • direct/challenging/topically controlling
  • NTRIs often used to "resist" Dr's question (design)
    • (can question-question sequences help predict NTRIs?)
  • Dr questions often biased (expecting + or - answer)
    • (can Dr question form help predict NTRIs?)