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Seminars 2015-2016

Autumn 2015

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
2 September 2015 Dr. Florian Röhrbein
Neurorobotics and The Human Brain Project
12 October 2015 Yulia Silina
Understanding H2H Interactions Mediated by Computationally Connected Sentimental Jewelry
19 October 2015 Lida Theodorou
Exploring Audience Behaviour during Dance Performances
26 October 2015 Saul Albert and Oliver Olsen Wolf
Improvisation, choreography and social action in the rhythms of a partner dance performance // Perception of interactive objects
2 November 2015 Alessia Milo
Can active listening improve the understanding of the impact of architectural design choices on the soundscape of a place?
9 November 2015 Magda Osman
A round trip of research interests in the psychology division
16 November 2015 Dr. Oussama Metalta
Cross-modal Interactive Tools for Inclusive Learning
23 November 2015 Gareth Tyson
A foray into the world of online adult activity
30 November 2015 Jane Lisa Waite
Using unplugged activities to teach abstraction to primary pupils (K-6)
7 November 2015 Graham White
Down the Rabbit Hole: The Dynamics of Contexts
14 December 2015 Natalie Wilde
The use of Ubiquitous computing and its' effect on Career Self efficacy in Undergraduate students.

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
11 January 2016 Cogsci group meeting Strategic questions for research in the area of “Human Communication in ICT”
18 January 2016 Daniel Gabana Arellano, MAT PhD student Towards an educational affective game: Physiological and behavioural differences in competitive and collaborative games
25 January 2016 Yvonne Blokland, Music Cognition Lab, QMUL Towards a Brain-Computer Interface for awareness detection
1 February 2016 Christopher Wood, MAT Phd student The Performance of Location: Mobile Locative Infrastructures, Experience and Hybridity
8 February 2016 Michael Harrison, Newcastle University Etiquette and regulation in safety critical systems
15 February 2016 NO SEMINAR - See you next week ====================
22 February 2016 Sam Duffy, Cognitive Science Research Group, QMUL The effect of the medium of communication on remote instrumental music lessons
29 February 2016 Kleomenis Katevas, MAT PhD student Detecting Social Interactions using Mobile Sensing
7 March 2016 Cog sci group event Big Bang Data at Somerset House
14 March 2016 Gabriela Pavarini, University of Cambridge Emotional Effects of Interpersonal Synchrony
21 March 2016 Stephen McGregor Distributional Semantics, Concepts, Analogies, and Metaphors

Summer 2016

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
9 May 2016 Shauna Concannon Natural Argument in Natural Dialogue: understanding the ‘social’ in social web
16 May 2016 Arild Stenberg, University of Cambridge Can Layout and Engraving Rules Affect the Readability of Musical Scores?
23 May 2016 Sasha Scott CANCELLED YouTube as Multimodal Assemblage: A Methodological and Conceptual Frame CANCELLED
30 May 2016 BANK HOLIDAY
6 June 2016 Hamed Haddadi The Databox project: a Privacy-Aware Personal Data Platform
29 June 2016 Lida Theodoru & Rosella Galindo - L. Theodoru Exploring Audience Behaviour During Dance Performances
- R. Galindo Dance and Interactivity. Reflections on the aesthetic experience of the performer in Dance with Digital Media through the technique of Motion Tracking

Seminars 2014-2015

Autumn 2014

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
13 October 2014 Matt Purver Ask Not What Semantics Can Do For Dialogue - Ask What Dialogue Can Do For Semantics - Part 1
20 October 2014 Nicola Plant Performing Empathy in Conversation
27 October 2014 Ruth Kempson, Visiting Professor Language as Mechanisms for Interaction
3 November 2014 Kleomenis Katevas Robot Stand-up: Experimenting with the Art of Comic Delivery
10 November 2014 Athen Ma Rich-cores in networks
17 November 2014 Caroline Palmer, McGill University Playing well together: Spontaneous and intentional forms of temporal coordination
EECS Distinguished Lecture Series
Bancroft Road Lecture Theatre BR3.01 (2.45pm tea in the Informatics Hub and followed by a reception)
24 November 2014 Matt Purver Ask Not What Semantics Can Do For Dialogue - Ask What Dialogue Can Do For Semantics - Part 2
1 December 2014 Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh Compositional vector space models of natural language
8 December 2014 Duncan Menzies Technological Support for Highland Piping Tuition and Practice
15 December 2014 Dmitrijs Milajevs Evaluating Neural Word Representations in Tensor-Based Compositional Settings

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title
2 February 2015
Petr Slovak, Vienna University of Technology
Skin conductance synchronisation in conversations as an indicator of interpersonal aspects
Seminar rescheduled to 6 May 2015
16 February 2015 Riccardo Fusaroli, Aarhus University What does it take to collaborate? The role of heart, words and skills in interpersonal synergies
23 February 2015 No seminar
2 March 2015 Antonios Kaniadakis The role of social media users and how to study it
9 March 2015 Sascha Griffiths Information-Theoretic Segmentation of Natural Language
16 March 2015 Hauke Egermann, Technische Universität Berlin Music and Emotion: Empirical Insights to Theory and Modeling
23 March 2015 Stephen McGregor Computational Approaches to Conceptual Metaphors

Summer 2015

Date Speaker Title
7 May 2015
Petr Slovak, Vienna University of Technology
Skin conductance synchronisation in conversations as an indicator of interpersonal aspects
11 May 2015 Kleomenis Katevas Walking in Sync: Two is Company, Three’s a Crowd
22 June 2015 Pollie Barden

Technology Learning Exchange between Young and Old - Situated Learning and Communities of Practice through an Intergenerational Running Club
6 July 2015 Daniel Hunt and Nelya Koteyko (Technology Health)
Performing health and illness identities on social media: A discourse-centred online ethnography of Facebook users with diabetes
27 July 2015 Dena Al-Thani
An investigation into Cross-modal Collaborative Information seeking
20 July 2015 Hamed Haddadi
Understanding obesity using social media and wearables

Seminars 2013-2014

Autumn 2013

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
12 December 2013 Chia-Jung Tsay Chia-Jung Tsay, Department of Management Science and Innovation, UCL[1] Abstract Chia-Jung Tsay 12th December 2013
5 December 2013 Dimitri Kartsaklis Disamiguation in compositional distributional models Abstract Dimitri Kartsaklis 5th December 2013
21 November 2013 Shauna Concannon “You’re wrong”, he said: investigating agreement and disagreement in reported speech
Abstract Shauna Concannon 21st November
14 November 2013 Pollie Barden Pollie will present a follow up to her presentation earlier this year Abstract Pollie Barden 14th November 2013 reporting back on the GoodGym app she has been using in her work with older people.
7 November 2013 Sam Duffy Sam will present her work on student-tutor organisation of interaction during one-to-one instrumental music lessons Abstract Sam Duffy 7th November 2013.
24 October 2013 Nicola Plant Posture Congruence Abstract Nicola Plant 24th October 2013
17 October 2013 Hamed Haddadi Human Data Interaction Abstract Hamed Haddadi 17th October 2013
10th October 2013 Brian Katz, LIMSI-CNRS, France[2] Explorations by the visually impaired of real and virtual rooms Abstract Brian Katz 10th October 2013
3 October 2013 Pat Healey CogSci Launch Event 2013 Update

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
27 March 2014 Saul Albert A bottom-up approach to aesthetic evaluations in natural conversations
Abstract Saul Albert 27th March
20 March 2014 Elaine Chew Dancing with spirals: An introduction to the Spiral Array model for tonality and its applications
Abstract Elaine Chew 20th March
13 March 2014 Tim Weyrich [3] Computational Analysis in Cultural Heritage Applications
Abstract Tim Weyrich 13th March
6 March 2014 Benjamin Cowan [4] Lexical alignment in human-computer dialogue: Mediated or unmediated?
Abstract Benjamin Cowan 6th March
27 February 2014 Davy Smith Exploring Computational Curiosity
Abstract Davy Smith 27th February 2014
20 February 2014 Evan Morgan Instrumenting the Interaction: Affective and Psychophysiological Aspects of Collaborative Musical Improvisation
Abstract Evan Morgan 20th February 2014
13 February 2014 Natasa Milic-Frayling, Microsfot Research Cambridge [5] The WW Web of Invisible Trackers
Abstract Natasa Milic-Frayling 13th February 2014
30 January 2014 Andrea Baronchelli [6] Optimal Lévy-flight strategies in human mental searches
Abstract Andrea Baronchelli 30th January 2014
23 January 2014 Louis McCallum Friend Me Your Ears: A Musical Approach to Human-Robot Relationships
Abstract Louis Mccallum 23rd January 2014
16 January 2014 Graham White Gibson, Grothendieck, Husserl
Abstract Graham White 16th January 2014

Summer 2014

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
8 May 2014 Pat Healey The Body’s Natural Defences Against Communicative Disease
15 May 2014 No Seminar See
22 May 2014 Jan de Ruiter, Univeristy of Bielefeld, Germany How not to study interaction
29 May 2014 Sam Duffy & Saul Albert International Conference on Conversation Analysis (ICCA) Presentations:
Sam Duffy: The Organisation of Repair in Musical Contributions
Saul Albert:Two forms of silent contemplation
5 June 2014 Tamara Russell, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London Mindfulness CANCELLED
12 June 2014 John Neuhoff, The College of Wooster, Ohio Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action in Response to Looming Sounds
19 June 2014 Toby Harris Liveness
26 June 2014 Pollie Barden GoodGym: participatory design for support technology learning in distributed inter-generational community
3 July 2014 Sasha Scott & Jeni Maleshkova Sasha Scott: Images of a Digital Martyr

Jeni Maleshkova: Beyond the White Cube

Seminars 2012-2013

Autumn 2012

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
13 December 2012 Chris Frith Hermeneutics Abstract Chris Frith 13 December 2012
6 December 2012 Mary Lavelle Grant Therapy Abstract Mary Lavelle 6 December 2012
29 November 2012 Graham White Why Everything you know about Grice is wrong! Abstract Graham White 29 November 2012
15 November 2012 Chrisantha Fernando Initial Experiments with a Neuro-Darwinian Cognitive Architecture for Creative, Curious, and Scientific Agents
Abstract Chrisantha Fernando 15th November 2012
8 November 2012 Maryam Fatemi Social Recommender System for Movies Abstract Maryam Fatemi 8th November
1 November 2012 SUNSET project group - Stefan Poslad Smart Mobility as an Enabler for Smart Cities Abstract SUNSET project group 1st November 2012
2h October 2012 Pat Healey Group Planning Meeting - a follow up discussion on Cognitive Science
18 October 2012 Chris Howes Finishing each other's . . .Responding to incomplete contributions in dialogue
Abstract - Chris Howes October 18th 2012
11 October 2012 Toby Harris Discussing a study on audiences and interaction.
See Abstract - Toby Harris 11th October 2012
4 October 2012 Group trip to The Tate Modern organised by Saul Tino Sehgal These Associations [7] Review [8]

“These Associations is one of the best Turbine Hall commissions. There are no objects: we are the subject. It is about communality and intimacy, the self as social being, the group and the individual, belonging and separation. We're in the middle of things. It is marvellous.”
Adrian Searle The Guardian Monday 23 July
These Associations 4 October 2012 - Pictures

13 September 2012 Nicola Plant
Saul Albert
Julian Hough
A special seminar to open the series SemDial comes to London. An opportunity to hear some of the IMC speakers who will be presenting at SemDial[9] in Paris.

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
28 March 2013 Doon MacDonald Soundtracks for Human-Computer Interaction Abstract Doon MacDonald 28th March 2013
21 March 2013 Sam Duffy Ethno v Ethno Abstract Sam Duffy 21st March 2013 and
Sam Duffy 21st March 2013 Meeting Discussion Summary
14 March 2013 Julian Hough Incremental syntactic context and self-repairs in dialogue Abstract Julian Hough 14th March 2013
28 February 2013 Pollie Barden Connecting older people over distance through gameplay Abstract Pollie Barden 28th February 2013
21 February 2013 Claude Heath Reporting back from drawing workshops Abstract Claude Heath 21st February 2013
14 February 2013 Professor Xia Li, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Digital interaction design of mobile phone interface
Abstract Professor Xia Li 14th February 2013
7 February 2013 Saul Albert On doing "being contemplative" Abstract Saul Albert 7th February 2013
31 January 2013 Professor Pat Healey Making things worse to make them better Abstract Professor Pat Healey 31 January 2013
24 January 2013 Dr Magda Osman [10] Are we good at being in control? Abstract Dr Magda Osman 24th January 2013

Summer 2013

Date Speaker Topic and Abstract
20 June 2013 Dr Dirk vom Lehn, Work, Interaction & Technology Research Centre, King's College London [11] Withdrawing from Exhibits: the Interactional Organisation of Museum Visits Abstract Dr Dirk vom Lehn 20th June 2013.
13 June 2013 Saul Albert Conversation as an analytical resource Abstract Saul Albert 13th June 2013
6 June 2013 Dr. Patricia Charlton [12] Guest speaker from The Knowledge Lab. Enabling Creative Learning Design through Semantic Technologies
Abstract Dr Patricia Charlton 6th June 2013
30 May 2013 Christine Farion Can Assistive Technology Combat Forgetfulness? Abstract Christine Farion 30th May 2013
23 May 2013 Marcus Pearce Expectation to Emotion: Modelling Predictive Processing in Music Perception
Abstract Marcus Pearce 23 May 2013
16 May 2013 Professor Andrea Halpern [13] Music Cognition in Healthy Ageing Abstract Andrea Halpern 16th May 2013
9 May 2013 Dena Al Thani Cross-modal Collaborative Information Seeking (CCIS) Abstract Dena Al Thani 9th May 2013
2 May 2013 Matt Purver Tweeting Around Duchamp Abstract Matt Purver 2 May 2013
25 April 2013 Elaine Chew Conceptualisations of Musical Time in Performance Abstract Elaine Chew 25th April 2013

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