Repair Annotation

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Repair Annotation

This page describes how to transfer repair from the paper transcripts to a computerised form that can be used for feature extraction and analysis.

Let me know if anything isn't clear and please feel free to add comments/tips after we all become experts! -- Chris


The tool that we have decided to use for this, because it is quite easy to use, is called Dexter Coder.

It can be directly installed from the webpage on any computer (though I haven't tried on a Mac...) from (Note: the one that you need is Dexter Coder, not Dexter Converter).

Getting started

Hopefully, the coder should have started...

First, you need to open a transcript: go to Document-->Open Document, and choose one of the files named Dexter_XXXXX_transcript.xml (where XXXXX is the patient number)

Then you need to open the annotations file: go to Code File-->Open Code File and choose the corresponding Dexter_XXXXX_repair.xml (if you get it wrong you'll get an error message, though it make take a while)

So, now you should have something open that looks approximately like this:



So now all you need to do is highlight the relevant section of text (the bit to which an annotation applies) and then either click on the relevant code (e.g. P2NTRI) followed by "apply code", or enter the number to the right of the code followed by enter (e.g. 6 for P2NTRI; numbers 10 and above are done by using ctrl + the second digit (e.g. ctrl+2 = 12)). The relevant part of text should now be highlighted in the colour associated with the code.

And that's it. But DON'T CLOSE THE CODER without first going to code file-->save code file

More to follow