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Task instructions can be found here

Remote Associates Task

  • see some norms here http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~kihlstrm/RATest.htm
  • we would ask participants to type words they consider as solutions as they come to them, so this may require brief training.
  • Ones to use:
    • show life row
    • river note account
    • fur rack tail
    • print berry bird
    • safety cushion point
    • fish mine rush
    • high district house
    • cadet capsule ship
    • shock shave taste
    • rain test stomach
    • board blade back
    • tooth potato heart
    • fight control machine
    • spoon cloth card
    • note chain master
    • back step screen

Category Fluency Task

  • name all the items in category X you can think of, where X is animals, countries, and possibly a few other categories (like occupations, etc).

Alternative Uses Task

  • instructions are approximately as follows:
    • Procedure: The following instructions were given to both think aloud and control groups. You will be asked to produce as many different uses as you can think of, which are different from the normal use, for a number of common objects. For example, the common use for a newspaper is for reading, but it could also be used for swatting flies, to line drawers, to make a paper hat and so on.
    • You will have two minutes on each object.
    • Its common use will be stated but you are to try to produce possible uses which are different from the normal one and different in kind from each other.
    • Any questions?
    • I will tell you when to stop on each item.
    • You will have two minutes for each item.
  • Participants were then presented with the names of 6 items, one at a time, for which they were to produce novel uses in writing. The items were brick, car tyre, barrel, pencil, shoe,

and hanger. In each case the common use was given and other different uses were requested.

Anagram Task

  • please write down all the words you can make using at least four of the following letters: BLNTAOE
  • this has a specific set of 'real' solutions, and we can create solution networks from these solutions (see http://anagram-solver.net/)

This is probably a good set of tasks to start with. Though perhaps we could include some more traditional insight problems, that could engender discussion.