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Key words from LDA modelling - NEW DATA

Topic ID Sim Description Weighting Key words

0 Materials (process of accessing and completing worksheets/questionnaires/booklets + progress of) - Guided self-help; procedural stuff 1.4922 time session sorry today great send next now one work thanks see thank please help make able perhaps look
1 Reflecting on feelings and emotional effects of (difficult/past intimate) personal relationships on sense of self and feeling accepted/valued 0.67195 feel life think know way things now like want make self feelings people change maybe someone much need others
2 14 Positive reactions and encouragement (and the things being acknowledged etc) 0.17113 right well great sure appointment feel thank just lol tonight please know get sorry say bye meeting last though
3 18 Issues around food (under/over eating, OCD/control addiction, comfort eating, weight) 0.11332 eating eat food weight sick drink meal now lunch control great chocolate absolutely day healthy dinner put use really
4 12 Family/relationships and issues with (mostly negative) 0.53289 time husband mum family feel children now dad want see said friends also kids home life got school daughter
5 19a Responses to social situations/other people (paranoia/aggression/shyness/assertiveness) 0.38986 people say angry situation anger situations said way social others like one friends talk someone person behaviour saying know
6 11 Breaking things down into detailed steps in a concrete way/specific scenarios so they can do something they feel they can't 2.32762 get go know like need things going just think try want one something time good now make day start
7 6 Worries/fears/anxieties (phobias; dealing with) 0.24524 worry worrying anxiety worries thoughts think thought anxious worried happen problem control one much situation fear case future whether
8 0 Managing negative thoughts/mindfulness 0.11028 good thought re now well mindfulness maybe also one message thoughts prob self eg sorry better thinking said bit
9 8 Fears of objects/situations including checking behaviours, rituals, phobias (and managing/explaining these) 0.14532 anxiety check checking ocd next thoughts appointment think week try teeth fear hierarchy anxious exposure fight driving sense difficult
10 0 Explaining/identifying patterns/modifying unhelpful thinking and habits 0.27429 good positive difficult thinking diary important see anxiety relaxation help strategies support self time send find sense challenging also
11 19b Work/training/education issues/goals (changing job, finding a job/course, stress at work etc) 0.3537 work job time good stress working get school life money wife new issues year team one boss home years
12 2 Agenda/goals setting and reviewing (inc materials for doing this e.g. questionnaires and reviewing changes in scores) 0.41542 goals session helpful send anxiety week set goal look also thoughts agenda may next sent lets homework add mood
13 16 Panic attacks - descriptions and explanations of (physical symptoms) 0.29063 anxiety panic anxious physical going symptoms body attack fear feeling thoughts get heart now attacks week sick happen sensations
14 7 Other health care professionals (physical + mental health) risk/crises/feeling unsafe/crisis intervention 0.30495 get help gp depression pain know medication health therapy sorry appointment last face moment problems back life support tell
15 5 Sleep/daily routine (monitoring with activity/sleep diary, sense of achievement) 0.48393 day sleep week time bed work mood night get things days morning tired home diary little exercise evening sleeping
16 17 Positive progress, highlighting improvements - what they have learnt and continuing to apply techniques after the end of therapy (final sessions?) 0.72465 good well back weeks sessions need really thank great keep also last help think positive things best future now
17 4 Descriptions of (negative) feelings - tying feelings to specific occasions/thoughts (therapist prompting for evidence, client supplying) 2.81146 think like feel just really good things week time bit well sounds much feeling last lot sure better quite
18 3 Agent explaining/directing and client framing in terms of CBT model e.g. unhelpful thoughts and behaviours (inc specific devices e.g. poisoned parrot, vicious circle and tools e.g. thought record) 0.5193 thoughts thought thinking negative evidence situation week self example look record emotions feelings try beliefs unhelpful mood homework behaviour
19 Techniques for taking control of issues (e.g. breathing, distraction, positive images) and practising them 0.39887 feel session breathing think good time now way thank control work last feeling say use practice help try thinking

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Key words from LDA modelling - ORIGINAL DATA

Topic ID Description Weighting Key words

0 Managing negative thoughts/mindfulness 0.1237 good thought re well also mindfulness hw thoughts now vc maybe prob message neg just wk one self bit
1 Self esteem/confidence 0.31039 people good others self evidence thought enough wrong negative esteem thinking say confidence beliefs person true someone belief situation
2 Homework/goals 0.63094 session send goals next week last sent read great think questionnaires also homework goal appointment set time cbt able
3 Unhelpful thoughts and behaviours 0.47486 thoughts thinking unhelpful helpful look thought behaviours go feelings may think anxiety negative try aware behaviour agenda start self
4 Trajectories/occasions of thoughts and link to feelings (appraisals/progress/time?) 2.50213 feel think like just good really week now know last session next say felt people thoughts going feeling bit
5 Sleep/daily routine 0.36445 sleep bed day week work get night mood time diary see better much sleeping activity house routine done activities
6 Worries/fears (phobias) 0.18107 worry worrying worries bit stop train worried problem go example idea control hierarchy driving exposure home happen worst car
7 External agencies and crises/risk (inc managing communication around these - also inc suicide) 0.39915 help feel gp depression thank understand therapy now feeling life today think problems able little message medication sorry make
8 OCD thoughts - rationalising/managing 0.1008 check checking ocd thoughts anxiety try something difficult danger brain week sense threat helpful away rituals anxious elephant images
9 Mixed; but including assessments/perspective? 2.02493 think time like much way sure see though know look lot sounds well also right thing sorry sense different
10 Identifying and looking at evidence/developing awareness of negative thoughts and emotions (thought diary/record sheet?) 0.77485 thought thoughts anxiety really situation situations one week next example social experience record great emotions thanks notice see make
11 Too general (control? Just getting on with life? Agent20?) 2.44541 things get time go need like want now just something feel know one work good day going give next
12 Family (relationships and issues with) 0.4688 mum relationship husband life family dad parents never love feelings children said years mother much hard way told sister
13 (Mostly C000320 - teeth falling out fear) interpretations of situations 0.15482 really week think appointment homework however lets teeth questions great just ready start may dentist set end sure therapy
14 Positive reactions and encouragement 0.11585 great right sure appointment just thank well tonight loo lol good say really cool get going sorry transcript absolutely
15 Mood/depression/lack of motivation 0.94791 things like get bit good sounds feeling also something really great today think idea send week useful anything make
16 Panic attacks (breathing techniques to deal with them) 0.38208 anxiety panic breathing get anxious feeling going go attack fear physical control try happen sick symptoms times cope distraction
17 Positive progress, what they have learnt and continuing to apply techniques after the end of therapy 1.1764 good work well positive back help really time still last much weeks use thanks session better keep done things
18 Issues around food and weight 0.11547 eating eat food weight day week meal lunch dinner pie energy good mum put table public walk believe ate
19 Anger/stress/aggression (situations involving work/relationships) 0.26196 work job anger angry school stress thanks wife team stuff issues also boss year assertiveness assertive meeting kids times

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