Abstract Chia-Jung Tsay 12th December 2013

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The Impact of Visual Cues on the Judgment of Performance

Social judgments and impressions are often made on the basis of minimal information. In the domain of music, people consistently report that the most important source of information in evaluating performance is sound; nonetheless, seven experiments demonstrated that people actually rely on visual information when making judgments about music performance. These findings were extended through additional experiments elaborating on the generalizability and persistence of these effects throughout domains and levels of analyses, with discussion of the role of expertise in such decision-making and the implications for organizational performance and outcomes.

About Chia

Chia-Jung Tsay is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the Department of Management Science and Innovation at UCL[1]. Her research examines the psychological processes that influence decision making and interpersonal perception in performance contexts. She investigates the role of expertise and nonconscious biases in professional selection and advancement. Her primary stream of research examines the dominance of visual information in judgment about performance.

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