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To do: links/documentation on the following:

CPU/GPU servers

CogSci compute server:

(DALI project compute servers:,

Full list of EECS compute servers here


Twitter database on quark

Language corpora in /import/cogsci/corpora

Experimental data in /import/cogsci/data

Language processing tools in /import/cogsci/tools

Web interface to some of these on SCoRE

Data recording

The AHI Lab

The MAT Performance Lab


Video Cameras

Notes on external talks

Unfolding Predictions in Semantic Interpretation Wing-Yee Chow, University of Maryland, at UCL, 16/01/2013

DETEC workshop on Discourse Expectations, Tuebingen, 19 & 20/06/2013

Distinguished Lecturer Seminar Series: Machine Consciousness and Creativity Prof Antonio Chella, University of Palermo 24/06/2013

Presentation templates

The CogSci templates for presentation slides & posters [[1]]

Other notes

Experiments in music 03/07/2013