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The Cognitive Science Seminar Series (formerly the IMC Reading Group) is every Monday during term time, 1-2pm in the ITL top floor meeting room.

Come to share something interesting, test a conference presentation, get feedback on a grant proposal, try out an new idea or propose a paper that would be of interest to the group. If you are interested in booking a slot to present, please contact Carlos S Armendariz email: [1]. You will need to provide a short abstract, and any relevant attachments, by the end of Tuesday the week before you present. These will be circulated to the Cognitive Science Seminar Series mailing list each week, and listed here. To see whether you will automatically get these e-mails as part of the Cognitive Science Research Group or to sign up to our mailing list, please visit this page. They will also be added to the online CogSci Meetings calendar, which you can access via Google calendar or iCal etc.

Remember that it is only fun presenting if there is an audience. Please do get involved in coming along and giving feedback to the presenters, especially if you have some overlap in your areas of interest.


Date Speaker Title

13 September 2016 No seminar - See you next week ====================
20 September 2016 Andrew Lambert Modelling Metrical Flux: Adaptive Oscillator Networks for Expressive Rhythmic Perception and Prediction
26 September 2016 No seminar - See you next week ====================
3 October 2016 Patrick Healey Upcoming conferences
10 October 2016 Laurissa Tokarchuk & Hamed Haddadi Mobile sensing and crowd sensing
17 October 2016 Ye Tian When do we laugh
24 October 2016 Sophie Skach On the edge of your seat
31 October 2016 No seminar - See you next week ====================
7 November 2016 Soomi Park The Art and Science of Embarrassment
14 November 2016 Arash Eshghi BABBLE: Automatically inducing incremental dialogue systems from minimal data
21 November 2016 Elisabetta Ježek Stretching the meaning of words: context-sensitive lexical semantics and compositionality
28 November 2016 Samantha Duffy Steve Reich’s Clapping Music App - using a mobile game based application to learn about
music engagement and rhythm complexity
5 December 2016 Saul Albert Are conversational assessment sequences evaluative?
12 December 2016 Olsen Wolf & Patrick Healey What is like to be a plastic bag?
==================== ==================== ====================
9 January 2017 RESCHEDULED See you next week
16 January 2017 Marco Gillies Body language interaction with virtual humans
23 January 2017 Ildar Farkhatdinov Integrating haptic and vestibular modalities for efficient human-robot interaction
30 January 2017 Lorenzo Jamone Cognitive robots that learn: like humans, from humans, with humans
6 February 2017 Shiri Lev-Ari How our social network size influences our linguistic skills and linguistic malleability
13 February 2017 Sarah Sauve Music Psychology
20 February 2017 CogSci group event Excursion to the International Fashion Showcase in Somerset House
27 February 2017 Break - No seminar this week ====================
7 March 2017 (Tuesday 5pm) Massimo Poesio What Crowdsourcing Tells Us About Cognition: The Case of Anaphora
9 March 2017 (Thursday 2pm) Matthew Rodger Skilful sonification: Mapping movement to sound for enhancing skill learning
13 March 2017 (2pm) Sophie Skach, Rebecca Stewart and Patrick Healey Swatches, Switches and Britches
20 March 2017 No seminar
27 March 2017 Chris Wood Critical Reflection and Affective Experience in the Making Visible of GNSS Infrastructure
3 April 2017 No seminar due to spring vacation / term end
10 April 2017 Alessia Milo Aural Fabric
17 April 2017 Easter Monday - no seminar!
24 April 2017 Daniel Gàbana Affective gaming in Virtual Reality for cognitive training
1 May 2017 Bank Holiday! - no seminar
8 May 2017 Sylvia Xueni Pan Virtual Social Interaction - Why and how do we work with Virtual Characters
15 May 2017 Break - No seminar this week ====================
22 May 2017 (2pm) Available Available
29 May 2017 Bank Holiday - this wee's seminar is on Tuesday, 30th! ===================
30 May 2017 Xia Zhou Ubiquitous Sensing with Light
5 June 2017 Mohammad Malekzadeh -- postponed to a later date ---
12 June 2017 This week's seminar is on 13th instead!
13 June 2017 - 2PM Elizabeth Black and Steffen Zschaler Can we use Agent Dialogue as a Tool for Capturing Software Design Discussions?
19 June 2017 Yongmeng Wu Supporting Non-Musicians’ Creative Engagement with Musical Interfaces
12 July 2017 Michael Schober Shared understanding between live musical performers and listeners

Past Cognitive Science Seminars

Here is the full list of abstracts for Previous Cognitive Science Seminars. We have had topics as diverse as learning to play the bagpipes, interaction between musicians, a discussion on Grice, a trip to Tate Modern, audiences and interaction, incomplete contributions in dialogue and a robotic kitten. Here are some examples:

Past years